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In the midst of raising two kids and working part-time for my local library, I also read a lot of books! So I decided to make all this reading somewhat productive by starting this blog. I read almost everything, but tend to favor young adult & adult fiction (historical, mystery, contemporary, etc). I have recently begun delving into the world of non-fiction as well. Since my employer allows me to listen to audiobooks while I work, I have recently begun listening to (and reviewing) audiobooks.

This blog will focus mainly on book reviews and recommendations. I do not give a star rating on my reviews here because a person's feelings about a book are very subjective. I would rather have my readers consider my thoughts about the book than just glancing at my star ratings. But, if you're interested in star ratings, be sure to check out my Goodreads shelves.

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I am happy to accept guest reviewers, conduct author interviews, and participate in blog tours, so please contact me in the comments to arrange the details!

Happy reading.

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