Monday, January 19, 2015

The Day She Died by Catriona McPherson

Catriona McPherson is the author of the Dandy Gilver mystery series, which I have enjoyed reading. Those books are set in the 1920's and have a somewhat innocent vibe about them. The Day She Died is a stand-alone contemporary novel. Reading this book was much different from reading Dandy Gilver, but I still felt McPherson did an admiral job here.

This book tells the story of Jessie and how she meets and becomes involved with a man named Gus King. When Jessie meets Gus, he is in the midst of a tragedy in his life and reaches out to her for help. Though she has just met him, she finds herself caring for his young children while he sorts through the aftermath of this tragedy. Soon, she is deeply involved in the family's life.

Gus seems to be straightforward - a good father, an artist, a fairly normal man with a bit of a temper. Some of his dialogue is also a little confusing as he tends to talk in circles at times. Jessie has a mysterious past that has led to some emotional issues as an adult. As Jessie falls in love with Gus and his children, she opens up and reveals her past traumas. At the same time, she finds herself working to solve the mystery surrounding some of the other residents by the seaside. These stories get intertwined with Jessie right in the middle of all of them.

Eventually, the truth is revealed and Jessie realizes that nothing is what it seems. It was an interesting and quick read, and I enjoyed it. I would recommend it with reservations. There is adult language and sexual content throughout. The mystery is intriguing, but somewhat predictable before I got to the climax of the story.

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