Friday, January 30, 2015

Golden State by Stephanie Kegan

I received an advanced ebook through Edelweiss. All opinions are my own.

Golden State is the story of a wife and mother, Natalie Askedahl. She is living a run-of-the-mill middle-to-upper-class American life. And then suddenly, her life is turned upside down by tragedy. Living through this tragedy changes every single one of Natalie's relationships within her family - from her elderly mother, her hippie sister, her long-lost brother, her lawyer husband, and her daughters. More than anything, this is a novel about a person's closest relationships and the secrets kept within them. And as Natalie works to uncover the truth about her family, her past, and herself, she has to uncover a lot of secrets.

This novel was an interesting and emotional read. I felt that the characters were well developed, and I particularly connected with Natalie, although I was also driven a little crazy by some of her decisions. She seemed like a real person, confused and led by her emotions rather than her reason at times.

This is a novel that will make you think about your own relationships and your own motivations for your decisions. I would recommend it to most adult readers.

(As with most adult novels, there is a fair amount of adult language and a small amount of sexual content.)

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