Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Audiobook Review: Dracula by Bram Stoker

Having never read Dracula, I took the opportunity of listening to the audiobook while I worked during October. The audiobook is quite long, but surprisingly interesting. I have found that some of the more lengthy classics are easier to get into in audiobook form than attempting to read the text, and I think this is certainly the case here.

This book is organized like a collection of journal entries and documents. The reader's first glimpses of Count Dracula are mysterious and we don't understand the nature and details of the vampire until much later in the story. As it is told chronologically from multiple perspectives, the reader discovers the truth about Dracula along with the characters.

The book follows the experiences of a small group of friends as they work to discover and destroy Dracula after Miss Lucy Westenra is killed and changed by him. Dracula works to evade them, kill them, and emotionally defeat them by trying to take another of their group as his own.

Eventually, the group learns Dracula's secrets, follows him back to Transylvania, and ultimately destroy him. The book, being quite old, has some interesting themes -- including the concept of the "new woman," which seems quaint from today's perspective.

All in all, I felt this read was worth the 15 hours of audio. It is a very slow and methodical narrative, but I enjoyed it and now can check this classic off my list.

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